3 Ways to Play Old, Discontinued, Broken, and Abandoned Android Games

A discussion on why old Android games don’t work anymore (the Dalvik compiler mostly), and how to overcome that obstacle today. I play Samurai Vs Zombies Defense, Chaos Rings, NOVA 3, Zombie Smash, etc to demonstrate how this works. There are some compromises, but these games can be played one way or another today.

How to play Chaos Rings
How to play Samurai Vs Zombies Defense
How to play NOVA 3
How to play Mass Effect Infiltrator

I know I said the emulator link was “Softpedia”, I was mistaken.

Bluestacks 3 Link: https://bluestacks-3.en.softonic.com/download

47 thoughts on “3 Ways to Play Old, Discontinued, Broken, and Abandoned Android Games”

  1. Could this work with Japan games that the service was ended? The game I'm trying is Rurouni Kenshin Kengeki Kenran. Any help wil be appreciated. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Can this work for apps that require an Online Connection and are discontinued such as Pokemon Duel and Dash Tag? I played a bit of Duel in 2017 and was planning on returning in 2021 when the app was shutdown in either 2019 or 2020. And i wanted to return to Dash Tag, but the app is offline and replaced with a different App.

  3. Solution : use old device
    Me : wow I had 100s of old device which I can easily play with , so intelligent 😀😀😀
    It was sarcasm dude , I mean it didn't helped me at all 😑

  4. I want to play spiderman unlimited but when I play one level or just open the game it automatically crash, i have android 11 with a Samsung Galaxy A71, any advice?

  5. There's this good old game called ikungfu master by triniti interactive. That was one of the best old games I've ever played and I still remember everything about it to this day. The YouTube gameplay of it only showcase the first two levels which is so annoying since there's literally only 5 levels. The new version on Android is like a fanmade game, idk how a game made in 2009 is 10 times better than the new one on every single thing. Too bad the new one is basically the only one I can download. The reviews are flooded with bots and you can't even dodge a certain attack in the very first boss.

  6. I have this old game called "Empire Defense" and I am looking through playing it again because it was my most favorite game when I was a kid. Now there is no phones compatible and whenever I open the app, it force stops for some reason. This method still didn't work, looking forward to update to this.

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