25 Best Switch Games To Play With A D-Pad

I have 34 games for my Nintendo Switch which don’t require me to ever touch the analog sticks at all. It’s only after I bought Hori’s portable-mode-only Joy-Con with a directional pad that I started noticing how often my thumbs bump against the analog sticks while I play.

Here is a list of the top 25 games that make me sorta wish someone would make some Joy-Cons without analog sticks!

40 thoughts on “25 Best Switch Games To Play With A D-Pad”

  1. You say guy who plays dpad games are expert…
    But unfortunately many come here to see what good games they can play while their analog sticks are busy at drifting..

  2. Man, I really appreciate your review and it is a rare sort these days when you can find a review like this that is valuable, funny, straight to the point and with CLEAN quips and language I can actually watch this with my kids—thanks a bunch!

  3. Update the video 😛 I just got SNES controller and I’m looking for MORE & you can now get Link’s Awakening on Switch dear readers but doesn’t play with the D-pad

  4. I really want to make a post somewhere asking people to give Me a list of games I can buy/play on Android, the Play Store, Emulators, etc on My Pixel XL using a Genesis controller & 8bitdo mod kit… The Genesis controller does not have analogs & that along with it's size makes it pocketable!

  5. In France, they call this a "manette +" (at least in Nintendo game manuals, because in real life, I tend to say "la croix" and everyone just mashes the X button and yells at me).

    And I just noticed that the Switch has a "+" button, so this is gonna get complicated.

  6. "What can I say about Dead Cells, that hasn't already been said twice, by two different people!" – that made me laugh out loud

  7. "Hey! The Directional pad lets you move in exactly 8 directions. That makes it the original octopath."

    I hate you. I hate this line and everything you stand for.

  8. I don't even care what games are on this list. I straight up just pressed play to hear daddy's voice for ten minutes. I wasn't disappointed, daddy never let's me down!

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