14 Games That Seemingly Vanished

From Beyond Good and Evil 2 to Metroid Prime 4, We set out to determine the development statuses of 14 promising games that …

22 thoughts on “14 Games That Seemingly Vanished”

  1. Star citizen made hundreds of millions of dollars from people supporting the release and it's still not out? That is definitely suspicious.

  2. I am willing to wait another 5 years for Metroid Prime 4 as long as it lives up to the name. Althought that would mean it comes out on the next Nintendo console which is unlikely. What i really miss is the cancelled Prey 2. It would have been Cyberpunk with Aliens, 5 years earlier. Maybe that´s why it was cancelled. It was to ambicious for the time.

  3. I was extremely interested in Routine. I'm erring on the side of it being dead due to Alien: Isolation (which I've heard repeatedly derived its gameplay and aesthetic from Routine) and Prey (which was very meh) already being out.

    The last info I saw regarding Routine is that they contacted a composer or sound artist for the game, and they had said that, as far as they knew (at the time), it was still in development, but this was ages ago.

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