13 Chill Games Like Animal Crossing New Horizons – BEST INDIE GAMES 2020

If you’ve been playing as much Animal Crossing New Horizons as we have you might be in the mood for a different game, yet one that’s as zen as Animal Crossing. Zoe Delahunty-Light has you covered and has rounded up 13 indie games like Animal Crossing New Horizons that are just as chill, stress-free, and contemplative as Animal Crossing New Horizons, from Ooblets to A Short Hike. Those of you looking for wholesome 2020 indie games should look no further!

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23 thoughts on “13 Chill Games Like Animal Crossing New Horizons – BEST INDIE GAMES 2020”

  1. No offense but your voice is perfect for this kind of videos, so charm and calm at the same time that I had to make some coffee to enjoy it even more.

  2. I recommend Littlewood. There truly is no time limit. Your day ends when your stamina is fully depleted. It's literally the most chill game and I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned. You can customize your town and also you can easily teleport back to your home at any time. It's an amazing game and a must buy imo.

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