11 Fun Mobile Rhythm Games for Android and iOS!

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Now that we’re all stuck at home, time to crack out our Android or iOS phones for some rhythm games! Hope you guys like this list! I can’t wait to try the other games I haven’t tried before…

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (remix by rN https://www.yuugenp.xyz/)
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32 thoughts on “11 Fun Mobile Rhythm Games for Android and iOS!”

  1. Prototype: hyperspace driver is also really good you should try it out!

    The unique thing it changes the amount of lanes and lane patterns based on the song and difficulty. The game's doesn't have ads from my experience and the hard levels doesn't disappoint at all

    I hope you can try it out if you haven't already!

  2. Non-Asians This is what you call ASIAN LEVEL of gaming especially the games where she said is not that hard but looks brutal for average players….😂😂😂

  3. For anyone watching this now, I've been playing Sweet sins 2 (android) (free) and its really cute and fun, while challenhing in later stages. Has a very arcade feel too. Only bad thing I found is that it has very few stages aaand might be still too easy or simple for other ppl

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