10 Monster Taming Games on Mobile! | Android and iOS! (Pokemon Like Games)

After 8 months since our last video, I’ve finally put together another video going over Current and Upcoming Monster Taming …

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  1. ReEvolve whenever they gonna release it globally it will kinda be a game killer for games like monster hunter/pokemon/minecraft mobile, since it has a little bit of every single one of them, all in one, its an completely open world game survival game, you can tame almost every single monster/boss in the game, that can be both a pet and/a mount, very little p2w, extensive crafting due to needing different item sets for each biome, open world pvp, open world resources counquer/build, its kinda a complete mmorpg, the only downsides to it, its been made and published by perfect world/tencet, it first came around in 2018 at a game show, released in 2019 in china, there's been footage of an english version along with a trailer, but they have yet to announce anything else about it coming over to this side of the world, you can ofcourse play it right now, if you don't mind playing it in chinese.
    gameplay> tamed monsters showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NJPWgMOrjo&ab_channel=ElbalanSinulingga

  2. I forgot this one game but are used to play in room 21 on my dads phone all the time on my mom was shopping you could get monsters from buying new boxes with like gems and it was an RPG I think no it definitely was yeah I remember I think it got shut down but I had to login and my dad wouldn’t let me login and or my mom so that sucks and I don’t know if you know it but I really want to play the game again lol bye I almost had love you said I love you

  3. Something that I would like to see is a playlist for all of your videos like these. Maybe something like "current and upcoming games" and "Top 10 and more" or something like that. (Though I don't think you have any Top 10 videos on here. (And yes I ment for adding it to 2 different playlists. Top 10 and other numbered lists are some of the easiest videos for people to get into.)

    You have playlists for News and Podcasts, but you really should have playlists for Reviews and Discussions too. For that matter, playlists for "Monster dex & catalog" (for your "every known monster in" Type videos) and unique game mechanics would be some good ideas too.

    One more idea would be to add some sections to your channel. I almost didn't think you had a playlist for Podcasts until I did some digging, which most people wouldn't be bothered with going so far. At least 3 sections that would help would be one featuring basically all of the playlists I mentioned above, one for specific monster categories, and one for your let's plays.

    Anyway now that I left a huge dialog of text, I also did have a video idea. Which was "10 non-turn based Monster games".

  4. You should check out neo monsters its a pretty good rpg game and has a pretty good story that has a offline and online story and also has a PvP on it with a really cool monsters.

  5. Thanks for the information. I can't fault you for reporting what is actually being developed and sold to monster taming fans. What I can do is criticize these companies for making games that look 30 years old. It wouldn't be so bad if you could pick more than monhun and pokemon, but I'm tired of playing games that look worse than the ones for the 3ds. And monhun stories needs to get it's act together and patch in controller support. I'm not holding my 10" tablet in my hands for an hour.

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