10 games to download when you're bored at home (IOS & Android)

ciao! πŸ™‚

list of the mini apps:
1. microtrip
2. stacks
3. aa
4. adorable home
5. bitlife
6. toca hair salon 2
7. werewolf online
8. monument valley 2
9. scrabble go
10. sally’s salon

i have a folder on my phone that says: HEAVY GAMES now if you want me to do a video on it let me know πŸ™‚

i know some of the apps are already on my march and february faves but i thought you might want to check it out still πŸ™‚ also, if you’re interested in some videos i did here are some:

selfcare apps:

productivity apps/sites when you’re at home:

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40 thoughts on “10 games to download when you're bored at home (IOS & Android)”

  1. When i watch this and theres my old game (toca hair salon 2) and then i was like my old gameee so i download it faster!πŸ˜„So i subscribe your video because you make me Remember about my old game

  2. Me: telling my mom I was studying on my iPad ( I have online classes so I was just preparing ) and playing microtip

    My mom: why the heck are you tilting your iPad??

    Me again: …

  3. aah i wish i could get bit life but my mom won’t let me because she says it’s inappropriate😭 i don’t think it is buttt

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