10 Best Free Android MMORPGs of 2020 | Free-to-play massive multiplayer games

Here are the top new mmorpg games available for free on the Google Play Store. This ranking is based on reviews and ratings submitted by gamers.

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23 thoughts on “10 Best Free Android MMORPGs of 2020 | Free-to-play massive multiplayer games”

  1. Playing with public emotion again most mention games are free to download only and there pvp mode needs huge money , those who addict these mmorpg only facing whale player and crying , big example dragon raja where developer don't even reply

  2. We need a new list please cause I'm trying to figure out which mmo I should try for the first time I prob would've tried tes online if it was mobile but it's not anything like that would be cool.. any suggestions????

  3. I am playing Raid Shadow Legends since 2 years or so and getting bored lately.

    Can someone suggest few games that are similar games like RSL?

    Also, I tried Age of Magic, Darkness Rises, Rage of destiny, Heroes of the dark, Awaken Chaos Era (Beta).

    Which one is your favorite game and you are still playing?

  4. Are you kidding me? Crisis S are more better than Dragon Raja? Well i try to not fool any side but let's talk the reality. You or people said Crisis S can use dual pistol and sword like Dante DMC game, lmao did Dragon Raja also can use that too with class gunslinger with same move combat? Even that about class variation, swimming fly parkour and features Dragon Raja still good than Crisis S. Well wont said Crisis S is worst game but still is good simple game for lower phone performance

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