10 BEST Android Games like GTA 5 [WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS] Part 2

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In this video, I have talked about the 10 best android games like GTA 5 which you can play right now. All the download links can be found on my discord server.

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22 thoughts on “10 BEST Android Games like GTA 5 [WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS] Part 2”

  1. there is one more game gangster vegas its a storyline game and graphics also good and have events u can execute and u can buy cars style your hairs buy weapons buy special weapons and cars with real money overall its a good game for mobile …. i used to play this game when i was like 9 or 10

  2. Guys as a ex-dragon raja player pls don't play the game has just horrible storyline since YOU the player has no part in the game and just exists to bring milk and eggs for the other characters…And no it is not 2 gB after downloading the resource packs it will be ABOVE 15gb and to EVEN to compare yourself to other player you will need to make in app purchases so I DON'T AT ALL RECOMMEND IT!!

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