Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Android Mods: Custom app icons! (All Launchers)

Awesome Icons lets Android customers change app icons on a person foundation, citing the extent of personalization.

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31 thoughts on “Android Mods: Custom app icons! (All Launchers)”
  1. I tried using awesome icons and it works perfectly but it won't load the app's name so I have to try and memorize which app has which picture (I used manga screenshots for all of them to match with my wallpaper) anyone know how to fix this?

  2. My question is, I searched Google for a site that I wanted downloaded to my android home screen.
    I am trying to change that gray box with a letter s in the middle, to something more pleasing to the eye…. Can you help?

  3. this app is terrible, doesn't work at all like you have described here. It doesn't maintain transparent backgrounds and it tacks on a stupid "awesome icons" logo to each icon it makes. Completely useless.

  4. Why does it have a small mark of the awesome icon app icon on the corner of the icons of the apps i changed the icon of felt like I wrote a tongue twister lol

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