Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
5 Cool Android Mods that Don't Require Root

Check out these 5 cool Android mods that do not require your cellphone to be rooted.

Navbar Apps


Fulscrn Free

MUVIZ Nav Bar Audio Visualizer

Energy Bar


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50 thoughts on “5 Cool Android Mods that Don't Require Root”
  1. Any good apps to hide the navigation bar on a S8 plus besides the GMD Hide Soft keys app?

    I like my status bar but use Pie Controls so the Navigation bar is redundant

  2. Hi,
    Is there a way or app to amplify the headphone volume output without root? The steps for viper4android was pretty complex and confusing. can you help here?
    And, is there any music player that doesnt have any Ads?? Something like the Sony Music player? I used to own an Xperia device now in OnePlus 3T. So am stuck with Google Play Music.

    Please Help!! Please!! Please!!!!!!

  3. I would never change my status bar color to this orange because for me it signalizes that I my phone is running out of battery xD

  4. While it's good that you can tweak user interface without root or making other system level changes, unless you're really UNHAPPY with how your navbar or status bar look, it's not really a good idea cramming your phone with user apps that'd run constantly leaching resources and adding to battery drain.
    Another serious downside to using apps replace essential UI elements is these are user apps which are prone to getting shut or disabled easily if you're using task killers or battery management apps. Navbar is like the console to your phone , imagine it just closes randomly on you, same goes for status bar as well.
    Finally, remember there are no free lunches, compromising your privacy with permissions these apps need and making you have (even more) ads.
    If you're a hard core themer you'd be better off taking the plunge into root and custom ROMs.

  5. This video is defiantly not for KitKat. Is there any other app such as muviz? Or is there like an Xposed mod? Please let me know. The music bar in the nav bar is cool but not for kitkat

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