Sun. Sep 26th, 2021
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Mods can be downloaded for Minecraft on almost every platform, including Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition. Although the mod selection may not be as broad as the selection is for Java, many mods have been developed or modified, so they work on Bedrock and Pocket edition.

Here are some of the best mods that players can download on their Android devices to add more content to their Minecraft app.

Best Minecraft mods for Android

#5 — Ants! Mod

This ant mod is enjoyable to mess with as it adds giant ants into the game that can act as mounts. These ants travel quite fast, thereby increasing the distance players can travel quickly. In addition to their speed, these ants can be armored to ensure their safety. Diamond armor on ants can even protect them from any fall damage.

Along with these ants, there are many other types of ants—hostile and neutral—for players to interact with.

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#3 — Lucky Block Mod

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#2 — SERP Pokedrock Mod

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#1 — Worldedit PE Mod

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This mod is a must-have for players who enjoy building, especially in creative mode. This is also a must for players hoping to make large and intricate builds.

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