Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
5 Android Mods That Improve Your Device!

There are several mods for Android that can improve your phone or tablet. These cool Android mods can do several things including increasing battery life and can tweak the look and feel of your device. Today I will show you the 5 of the best Android mods that I currently use. Most of these don’t require that your device be rooted. If you use any Android mods that enhance the functionality of Android, let me know.

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Hibernation Manager:



Rocker Locker:


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25 thoughts on “5 Android Mods That Improve Your Device!”
  1. One mod that may be useful is to take an extended screenshot (instead of taking a screen shot of just the current page, scrolling down to have an extended screenshot). I don't have a mod for this but it would be useful to have.

  2. Eh, I use navbar apps (actual name) to give me a battery bar and music visualization on my navbar.

    Also I use floating apps (again, actual name. Inventive, eh?) with a blank screen app and a small keyboard if I need to use my phone as more of a mobile pc. As a matter of fact, floating apps just added a word processor app

  3. I found dfndr in google play store very helpful. Multiple functions. Cools phone, locks certain apps, and locates phone … just to name a few

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